Contemporary lighting inspired my wedding cake design…

I became interested in Wedding Cakes when a wedding magazine company contacted me to feature in their next issue. Bizarrely, I had never made a wedding cake before. I was used to creating small bakes like cupcakes, brownies and cookies etc. I was totally caught off guard when I happily accepted but my inner self was screaming “NO!’ This was a great opportunity that I couldn’t reject.

I had 4 weeks to come up with two wedding cakes for their January 2014 edition. So I began researching other wedding cake designers and I found many of them created tiered wedding cakes. Only a few cakes stood out to me which gave me the idea of creating a wedding cake that I would want for my own wedding(If that amazing guy would just come along with a big VVS stone ring). Selfish I know, but it’s the only way I could interpret my own personal style.

I’m a lover of Modern Art, furniture, simplicity, white on white, structure, architecture…basically I’m an arty person. I studied art for 6 years when I finished high school so art & design is second nature.

After a few hours of sieving through Pinterest & old art books, a contemporary light fixture caught my eye. lamp-shades-1769902

I couldn’t find any information on the designer but I absolutely loved it. It’s striking, simple design gave me an idea for a cake for a daring bride & groom. Something less traditional and almost futuristic, yet elegant.

It reminded me of ice, I know so weird but my mind functions that way lol. But it tied in with the time of year I had to create the cake which was in December.

So anyway, I got to experimenting with fondant to create a similar effect but I was struggling with getting a crisp crease through the centre of each piece. So I purchased a pack of sugar paper to experiment, and it worked wonders. It’s so easy to create shapes from this stuff which was perfect because the thought of rolling anymore fondant to try and create these shapes was starting to give me anxiety.

I think I cut approximately 150 pieces to create my cake but it was fun. And here it is-photo(7)

The layers of sugar paper create different tones and shadows which gives this cake its uniqueness. When light shines through the paper, it has beautiful transparency effect.

My cake featured on the dramatic designs page of County Wedding Magazine- Your Yorkshire Wedding and we were super chuffed to say the least.

The point of this post is to show you that you can get inspiration from anything. I truly believe that art is everywhere and the simplest thing can create something wonderful. I’ll post my other cake designs in another post and show you again where my inspiration came from.





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