Bake Spotter!


We are lovers of trolling the internet, books, cafes etc looking for the un-ordinary. There’s nothing more exciting than finding a baker that challenges bake designing.

While on Instagram one cold & drizzly day, I came across a company that I found truly interesting. Their number one rule is no fondant (sugarpaste). Now this dislike of fondant has been a discussion via Twitter a few months back. I really hate working with it! I wish I came up with that rule for my business but the demand for it is high when it comes to wedding and kids cakes. I’d say 45% of tweeters were completely behind me on this one, but the the other 55% stood firmly by it. Still don’t understand why but we’ll save that discussion for another post lol.

But we found a company based in Sydney, Australia that understands, and they go by the name of Un Birthday Cake.


They create cakes for celebrations like no other. With drizzling chocolate, shards and styled with fresh, organic and edible flower blooms and petals, these creative bakes are indulgent to say the least.

Their Instagram account had our mouths watering for a while so we had to share the experience with you.




Their take on a traditional pavlova cake is beautiful. It really makes a change to celebrate with something other than cake and this ‘Floral Faux pav’ cake is perfect.



Check them out over on Instagram or take a look at their website




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