Cupcake Action!


When I started out my baking business venture, I wanted to create a collection of cupcakes that customers could order all the time and become familiar with the designs and flavours. My aim was to create cupcakes that would interest males as well as females. Cupcakes seem to be pretty, pink & floral which so cliche when you think about it. I actually found it challenging to come up with 9 gourmet cupcakes with their own signature style. When I think about it now, it should of been a doddle.

The cupcake on the left was named Mrs. Mocha. A double chocolate chip & coffee cake topped with vanilla, chocolate & coffee buttercream and chocolate wafer sticks. We use a large round piping nozzle for the first layer of buttercream and an 1M piping nozzle for the chocolate layer.

Decorating cupcakes is a really easy process and once you get the hang of piping, the rest will follow.

I was challenged by a friend to create a red velvet cupcake with my own spin on it. This wasn’t hard for me at all. Firstly I love red velvet & cream cheese frosting, Secondly I was working on a few ideas prior to her asking me so I was excited to get stuck in.


I created these bad boys. Red Velvet Cake, topped with cream cheese frosting, a white & milk chocolate cup with a halved fresh strawberry.

I was so in love with the outcome of this cupcake design I added them to my website as a special edition for Valentines day 2014 and sold 70 boxes of 12 in just 48 hours.

Being creative really pays off and a lot of bakers in our baking community definitely have creative baking styles. Creating your own signature style sets you aside from the rest, which I think is a must in baking if you want to be noticed.

TOP TIP: Jot ideas down in a notepad. Try a few sketches to see your ideas come to life.






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