Bake Love to me! Part one


I’m hoping from the title of this post, you understand what’s in store for the first baking challenge of 2015. For those of you that didn’t, It’s all about LOVE, and guess what? Valentines day isn’t far away so why not tie in the two…genius I know hahaha.

Why tell us so early? I hear you ask. Well firstly we want to give you an insight into the theme of the challenge, but we also want to give you time to prepare and get your ideas together.

This isn’t just any old challenge. We won’t be giving you a recipe and asking you to follow the instructions, nor will we be asking you all to create the same thing. The ‘Bake Love to me ‘ challenge is all about your creative ability.

What do you think about when it comes to Love? What dessert would you fall in love with? What would put a smile on your face after dinner? A dessert to propose with maybe? (just a thought) Something sweet with an edge?

Collect your thoughts on a dessert that represents love to you. This dessert must have at least one baking element in it. For e.g a trifle has sponge, fruit jelly, custard & cream. You could even marry a few elements from different desserts to create one that you think would work well. (Do you see what I did there? lol)

It’s entirely up to you!

We’ll leave you in your thoughts for now, and we’ll be back with part 2 of the challenge!




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