Bake Love to Me- Part Two


Continuing on from our previous post Bake love to me part one, hopefully you have a rough or firm idea on a dessert that represents love to you. If you haven’t, you still have ample time to get it together. Nothing has to be confirmed so let your creative baking mind take control.

Once you have decided on your dessert flavours, textures, ingredients etc, I want you to totally forget the final construction. Because this challenge is ‘Deconstructed Desserts’.

What is “deconstruction”?

According to the Food Network “Deconstruction,” a term coined by the French philosopher Jacques Derrida, that refers to a style of literary analysis where text is analyzed closely and dismantled into independent parts that, though they work in the context of, say, a paragraph, may contradict each other in and of themselves. Essentially, it’s a way at looking at the individual parts of a commonly-accepted whole, and how they interact with each other outside that whole.

So? One might ask, and your point is? Well, as deconstruction hit its stride, it was applied to anything, not just text. In the course of events restaurants started serving “deconstructed” food; that is, sums of parts: like the deconstructed Caesar salad (stacked romaine lettuce, an anchovy, an egg yolk, and some shaved Parmesan, in separate heaps on a plate)

Bit of history there for you!

For this challenge we want you to think outside of the box with your desserts. Art of plating is key for your final piece. It will challenge your ability to create an artistic dessert by separating its core elements.

Think Masterchef or Michelin star restaurants with your own personal twist.


  • Choose or create a dessert that you feel represents LOVE
  • Must include at least one baked element
  • Deconstruct the dessert
  • Include a loveheart
  • Be creative!

The deadline for this challenge is Saturday 14th February 2015 (Valentines Day)

IMPORTANT INFO: For those entering, please do not tweet/post your desserts until the deadline date. This way no-one can copy your idea, and we can view all of them on the same day.

Oh and guess what? A winner will be chosen and they will receive some goodies from Sugar & Crumbs.

I hope you enjoy this challenge. I can’t wait to get stuck in, as this is something I haven’t done before and only ever experienced a deconstructed dessert once in Harvey Nichols.

Good Luck everyone!

Renee xx


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