Bake Behaviour BakeOver!

This morning I came up with an idea, which is very rare for me because my mind works best at night. I was thinking of ways to get our followers involved in Bake Behaviour more. Over the past few months we have consistently held the Golden Mixer Badge awards every weekend, which seems to be a hit on Twitter.

But we like to try and spice things up! We had the amazing Chetna Makan from Great British Bake Off join in, and shortlist the best weekend bake which was fantastic for our followers.

This time we’re doing a Take Over. We’ll be searching for some of the worlds creative underground and celebrity status chefs(if they’ll take part) to completely takeover our account for one hour.

Within this hour, they get to show you their work, answer your questions, share their recipes, promote their blog, pretty much bombard you with creativeness of bake (sweet & savoury)

If you think your bakes will inspire others, or if you feel like a baking underdog, get in touch!



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