Showpiece Explosion 

Hi Bakers!

Were back with another baking challenge and its also our first challenge for 2016. 

I really struggled choosing what type of challenge to set because I had so many ideas, so I created a poll on Twitter to allow my followers to decide. Here are the results.

Create a Showpiece…yay! I was selfishly rooting for entremets because I love the clean layers, textures and flavour combinations, however a showpiece can also be taken to another level with the same elements.

So after a few days of thinking, (which by the way is not easy with a 4 year old acting as incredible Hulk  on my back) I remembered an installation I saw a while back by an artist named Tanya Schultz aka Pip and Pop.

Her work has a whimsical, fun, colour explosion style, packed with loads of textures and I absolutely loved it.

So for this months challenge, I would like everyone to create a showpiece inspired by the work of Tanya Schultz.

 There is no creative licence but make sure the concept of Tanyas work transpires. Your showpiece must include:

  • Cake/Sponge
  • Textures
  • Colour

As we can’t taste your showpiece, flavours are entirely upto you. Maybe something you haven’t done before.

The deadline for this challenge is Sunday 1st May 2016. Please do not tweet me your showpiece until the deadline date. This will allow me to share them all on the same day. 

I’ll also announce a winner. I’m currently in talks with a few companies for a prize for this challenge so I’ll keep you posted on what it will be. 

I really hope you enjoy this challenge and hope its something different from what you would usually create. 

Renee x


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