The Golden Mixer Badge Award is a fun way to appreciate the amazing bakers we have in our baking community. If you think your bake has what it takes to earn one, pop on over to Twitter and follow us  

 We host the awards every weekend, which is usually the time most people get to unleash their bake behaviour (pun intended) But for those who bake as a profession, well they simply get to bake behave all week.


  •  Tweet us your bakes on Saturdays & Sundays ONLY
  •  You can tweet as many entries as you like but they must be bakes. You must mention @BakeBehaviour and #GoldenMixerBadge in the tweet to enter.
  •  Entries can be old and new
  •  If you have previously won an award you can enter again.
  •  On Sunday 9PM(UK)  we will shortlist two bakers on Twitter. Tweeters are then given 30 minutes to Retweet and Favourite who they think deserves the award. The image with the most combined Favourites and Retweets is the winner.
  • The winner will receive their virtual Golden Mixer Badge and we will promote the winner throughout the week, alongside posting their winning bake on our blog & other social media networks

We’ll be taking, creativity, uniqueness and photography into consideration when shortlisting.

Check out a few of our 2014 Winners

photo 2(6)IMG_3199photo 3IMG_3151 IMG_3153photo 4(3)


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